days trip sample itinerary

Tuesday departure Flight BA2157    LGW TAB     10.20hrs 16.15hrs

Tuesday departure Flight BA2156    TAB LGW       18.15hrs 09.40hr +1


Tuesday 11 June 

6.15hrs                          Arrive at ANR Robinson International Airport, pickup and transfer to Mount Irvine Bay Hotel

17.30hrs                          Check-in at Mount Irvine Bay Hotel

19.00hrs                          Dinner at Mount Irvine Bay hotel

Wednesday 12 June

09.00hrs                          Breakfast at Mount Irvine Bay hotel.

10.00hrs                          Depart for Fort Bennet, Fort James, Mystery Tomb Stone, Courland Monument,

11.30hrs                          Depart for Adventure Nature Park for Birdwatching

12.30hrs                          Depart for Lunch at Blue Crab

14.00hrs                          Depart for Fort King George and Museum

15.30hrs                          Return to mount Irvine Bay Hotel

19.00hrs                          Dinner at Seahorse Inn

Thursday 13 June

08.00hrs                          Depart for Rainforest Tour

09.00hrs                          Arrive Main Ridge Rainforest for Nature Trek and Birdwatching

11.00hrs                          Depart Rainforest for Argyle falls

11.30hrs                          Arrive Argyle falls for Trek and Dip in pool

13.00hrs                          Depart for Lunch at Jemma’s

13.30hrs                          Arrive Jemma’s

14.30hrs                          Depart for visit to Flagstaff hill view, perhaps birdwatching

16.00hrs                          Depart and return to Mount Irvine Bay hotel

19.00hrs                          Dinner Mount Irvine Bay Hotel

Friday 14 June

09.00hrs                          After breakfast, Check out of Mount Irvine Bay hotel.

10.00hrs                          Depart for visit to Caribbean Coast

11.00hrs                          Visit to Castara Village

12.30hrs                          Depart for Englishman’s Bay

13.00hrs                          Depart for Visit to Parlatuvier Village

13.30hrs                          Depart for visit to Charlottesville and lunch at the Suck hole

15.00hrs                          Depart for return journey along Caribbean coast, stop at Glasgow Bar.

16.00hrs                          Return and check-in to Shepherds Inn

18.00hrs                          Depart for Pigeon Point Heritage park for Bioluminesces Kayak Tour

21.00hrs                          Return to Pigeon Point Heritage Park

21.45hrs                          Depart Shepherds inn for late dinner and to enjoy crown point nightlife

Saturday 15 June

09.00hrs                          Depart for Corbin’s Local Wildlife.

10.00hrs                          Arrive and have a full tour of estate

11.30hrs                          Depart for tour of Cocoa Estate

12.00hrs                          Tour of Cocoa Estate

13.30hrs                          Depart for Lunch ?

15.00hrs                          Depart and Return to Shepherds Inn

19.00hrs                          Depart for Dinner at the Fish Pot

21.30hrs                          Return to hotel

Sunday 16 June 

10.00hrs                          Depart for Nylon Pool Buccoo Reef Snorkel Trip

13.30hrs                          Return to Store Bay for Lunch

14.30hrs                          Return to Hotel for afternoon at Leisure

19.00hrs                          Depart for Dinner at Makara

21.00hrs                          Sunday School

23.00hrs                          Return to Hotel

Monday 17 June

10.00hrs                          Visit to Pigeon Point for Stand-up Paddle boarding

12.30hrs                          Lunch at Pigeon Point

13.30hrs                          Afternoon at Leisure at Pigeon Point

17.30hrs                          Return to Hotel

19.00hrs                          Depart for Dinner at Café Coco

21.00hrs                          Return to Hotel

Tuesday 18 June 

             Day at Leisure

15.00hrs                          Check out and pickup for Transfer to Airport

15.15hrs                          Checkin for Flight.