Tobago has a fascinating history. Its heritage, vibrant culture and relaxed people make it an attractive proposition for travellers who want to get the true flavour of their destination – whether that’s tasting local foods (crab and dumplings are a must!), venturing to historic colonial forts, attending the famous Buccoo Goat and Crab Race Festival or whiling away an afternoon 'liming' like a local. 



Bago Carnival

Tobago's colourful Carnival is a smaller off-shoot of the main event over on Trinidad. Bago Carnival is a less intense affair. You can still enjoy the beauty and splendour of the costumes, indulge yourself in the food and dance away to the music, then chill with the visiting Trini’s, who cool down in Tobago once the larger spectacle on Trinidad is over.


Goat and Crab Racing

The Goat and Crab Race Festival happens only in Tobago, on the Tuesday after Easter, in the otherwise sleepy village of Buccoo. With stakes as high as they would be in horseracing, do not doubt the locals’ study of form. Held on a pristine racetrack, and entertaining since 1925, the Buccoo Goat and Crab Racing Festival is a unique and memorable feature of Tobago’s rich heritage - Read more on why it's such a big deal!



Heritage Festival

The people of Tobago are very proud of their culture and history. During the Heritage Festival between July & August villagers from different communities come out and perform folk singing, dancing and feasting as well as dressing up in traditional costumes that depict village life from the early 1900's. During the festivities, each village hosts a number of events ranging from 'Ole Time Dance’, ‘Ole Time Wedding’, Limbo and Jig. Check out how to enjoy Tobago Heritage Festival from the comfort of your sofa!


Blue Food Festival

The annual Blue Food Festival focuses on the commonly used ground provision, dasheen. This root crop is the inspiration for multiple cooks who create dynamic, tasty and healthy dishes. Visitors can sample the innovative entrees, inventive appetizers, creative desserts and robust liqueurs on sale. The event also features live entertainment and the unique crayfish competition in the nearby Bloody Bay Main River.



Sunday School

This is NOT the kind of Sunday School you may remember from your childhood!  Every Sunday night locals and tourists alike gather in the village of Buccoo and swing and sway to the rythmns of the steel pan, calypso and soca bands.  Local beer, rum and streetfood abound until the wee hours of the morning.  Lucky for the tourists they don't have to get up on Monday morning and go to work!