Tobago is blessed with numerous deserted, pristine beaches and unique coastal environments to explore and enjoy, both above and below the waterline. 


Castara Bay, Parlatuvier Bay and Englishman's Bay

Castara and Parlatuvier are two beautiful, relaxed fishing villages along the west coast allowing visitors to almost step back in time as they explore local gems like hidden waterfalls and assist fisherman pulling in the daily catch.  Englishman’s Bay is sandwiched between the two, offering an almost deserted paradise for a secluded swim or romantic picnic.



Charlottesville & Speyside

Both these villages at the northern end of the island offer visitors a relaxing retreat and a taste of local life. Just off Speyside you will find the colourfully named Goat Island and a haven for bird watchers, Little Tobago Bird Sanctuary



Store Bay

The small resort at the southern tip of the island and closest to the village of Crown Point is Store Bay, the hub of colourful boats, fantastic streetfood and thumping local night life. 



Pigeon Point

Head to Pigeon Point Heritage Park to find a place reputed to have the most photographed jetty in the world, where you can relax on the calm peninsula of beach, or enjoy the variety of water sports activities. Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Windsurfing, Kite-Surfing and Kayaking are just some of the activities on offer. Picnic among the shade trees or have a rummage among the vendor stalls for some stylish new beach wear. 



Nylon Pool

Also unique to Tobago is a visit to our 'swimming pool in the ocean'. Visitors can splash around in the 4-foot deep Nylon Pool, where legend has it when you exfoliate with sand you will emerge 10 yrs younger! The pool is formed by a shallow sand bar about a mile off the coast, and gets its name from a visit by Princess Margaret who described the pool to be as clear as her nylon stockings!




Paddle or kayak out to the Bon Accord Lagoon for a truly mystical experience watching the bioluminescent plankton glow and sparkle each time you put your paddle into the water or move your arms as you swim under the stars. Check out this article by James Ottey of The Telegraph when he joined one of our expert guides on the bioluminescence tour.



World Class Diving & Snorkelling

Tobago is highly regarded as one of the best dive locations in the Caribbean. A combination of nutrient rich waters with diverse and abundant marine life, makes Tobago a draw for divers from around the world. The variety of dive sites is unparalleled in the Caribbean for species diversity and Tobago is the home of the largest recorded brain coral in the world. All these factors make SCUBA diving in Tobago a diver’s dream.  Snorkellers will enjoy the calmer waters towards the south and west of the island.

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